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    Environmental Science

    Come and explore the fascinating world we live in. During this exciting one week course we will become entomologists, biologists, and meteorologists. We will search for different kinds of bugs and insects. We will even get to build a worm farm! The children will investigate various animals, their habitats, and learn about their importance in our environment. As meteorologists, we will be exploring tornado's, hurricanes, and other weather conditions. During this course, your young scientist will be exposed to a variety of delicate species that exist in our environment. They will have a greater knowledge and a deeper appreciation for the incredible world we live in.

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  • Course Details
    • Grades:
    • 2, 3
    • Cost:
    • $200.00
    • Length:
    • 1 week
    Session 1
    • Morning 20 Spots Remaining
    • Afternoon 19 Spots Remaining
    Session 2
    • Morning 17 Spots Remaining
    • Afternoon 18 Spots Remaining
    Course Instructor

    Mrs. Tanya Maguire

    Tanya MaguireView Full Bio
    • Teacher
      1. Magnet School in Danbury
      2. Danbury, Ct
    • Education
      1. Elementary Education Western Connecticut State University
      2. Elementary Education Western Connecticut State University