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    In this Zoology 101 class, children will see and learn about animals by interacting, feeding, and caring for a variety of species brought to us by a certified zoologist. Children will become zookeepers as they handle, feed, and learn how to care for those creatures that they love. The ultimate animal experience will be had as they go "behind the scenes" with a certified "Animal Specialist". Animal lovers will explore, in-depth, different species and wildlife issues. Additionally, the children will go on a habitat hunt outside and experiment with animal movements. Living versus nonliving, animal body structure, social structure, and defenses are some of the topics that they will experiment with to help them understand the characteristics of various creatures. Young zoologists will learn how they can help animals survive and through experimentation, they will see the importance of protecting some of our most precious creatures.

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    • Grades:
    • 1, 2
    • Cost:
    • $200.00
    • Length:
    • 1 week
    Session 1
    • Morning 15 Spots Remaining
    • Afternoon Not Available
    Session 2
    • Morning 15 Spots Remaining
    • Afternoon Not Available
    Course Instructor

    Tim Nott

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