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    Microscopic Biology

    Have you ever wondered what critters lurk under your fingernails or in the foods you eat? Sample the micro beings that swim with you in your favorite lakes and ponds. Investigate how a real hospital lab finds and identifies these "animalcules". Observe the smallest working parts of all the living machinery. Study the unimaginable miniparts of your human self. Visit the homes of many bacteria that touch our bodies everyday. Use one of the oldest scientific tools known to biologists and see how modern day technology has improved on this original design. Microscopic Biology will allow you to go where you have never gone before.

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    • Grades:
    • 7, 8
    • Cost:
    • $320.00
    • Length:
    • 2 weeks
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    Course Instructor

    Mr. John Boothby

    John BoothbyView Full Bio
    • Teacher
      1. New Milford High School
      2. New Milford, CT
    • Education
      1. Bachelor's Degree in PsychologyWashington and Lee University
      2. Master's Degree in Secondary Science EducationUniversity of Virginia