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    Forensic Science

    Solve crimes using blood and fingerprint analysis. Join the ranks of super sleuths as you experience crime scene investigations first hand. Forensic Science has solved some of the most famous crimes in history and you will too! Learn to take fingerprints, collect evidence, make plaster casts, type blood, and detect art forgeries in this fast paced class. You will be fascinated by guest speakers and gain insight into their exciting jobs. You will tour a local police crime van and discover how the real detectives solve the most challenging crimes.

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  • Course Details
    • Grades:
    • 5, 6, 7
    • Cost:
    • $320.00
    • Length:
    • 2 weeks
    Session 1
    • Morning 3 Spots Remaining
    • Afternoon 9 Spots Remaining
    Session 2
    • Morning Not Available
    • Afternoon Not Available
    Course Instructor

    Mr. Rob Flynn

    Rob FlynnView Full Bio
    • Teacher
      1. Bethel Middle School
      2. Bethel Ct
    • Education
      1. Bachelor of ArtsWestern Connecticut State University
      2. M.S. in EducationBridgeport University