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    Human Biology

    Get ready for an amazing journey though the human body. From bones to breathing, travel through the systems of the human body as we explore the importance of muscles, the brain, our heart, lungs, stomach, and more, that work together to keep your body running. As the skeleton is built you will perform experiments that show how vital organs in the human body need to operate to function correctly. Explore the food pyramid, gaining knowledge to keep your body healthy and learn what a balanced nutritional meal should be. Join us for a breath taking, heart stopping week of fun-filled experiments and activities that even include the use of preserved lungs and other once living material.

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  • Course Details
    • Grades:
    • 4, 5, 6
    • Cost:
    • $200.00
    • Length:
    • 1 week
    Session 1
    • Morning 18 Spots Remaining
    • Afternoon 12 Spots Remaining
    Session 2
    • Morning Not Available
    • Afternoon Not Available
    Course Instructor

    Christina Wolf

    Christina WolfView Full Bio
      1. Stamford, CT
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