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    In this course, students will learn the science of how animation works through hands-on projects. Each student will create her/his own simple animations, such as "flip-o-ramas," flipbooks, thaumatropes, and zoetropes. Students will go through the actual process of creating a cartoon, from concept to storyboard. The class will move onto a creation of a short animated film with original scenes and characters. They will capture the rendered movement within each scene using digital media that will be edited using common computer software. Audio tracks will be recorded and added to the movie to complete the process. Each student will walk away with a finished product and the knowledge of how to create, write, illustrate, direct, animate, edit and add sound effects to an animated short film. This year students will also spend the last few days learning how to film, edit and produce short films.

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    • Grades:
    • 6, 7, 8
    • Cost:
    • $320.00
    • Length:
    • 2 weeks
    Session 1
    • Morning Not Available
    • Afternoon 11 Spots Remaining
    Session 2
    • Morning Not Available
    • Afternoon Not Available
    Course Instructor

    Mr. John Saumell

    John SaumellView Full Bio
    • Teacher
      1. Mill Ridge Primary School
      2. Danbury, CT
    • Education
      1. Bachelor of Science in ArtWestern Connecticut State University
      2. Masters Degree in Curriculum StudiesNova Southeastern University