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    Physical Science

    Say you're bored with nothing to do this summer, then discover physics in the things of your everyday life! Learn the shocking truth about electricity! You will have the chance to build an electromagnet and even make a battery to use in your own electrical circuit. Ever been interested in rockets? Learn about rocket propulsion by building and launching your own water bottle rockets. Investigate air pressure and forces by creating your own Cartesian Divers, rubber band cars, hovercrafts, and hot air balloons. Make catapults and learn about the scientific method by designing your own egg drop vehicle.

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  • Course Details
    • Grades:
    • 3, 4
    • Cost:
    • $320.00
    • Length:
    • 2 weeks
    Session 1
    • Morning 12 Spots Remaining
    • Afternoon 17 Spots Remaining
    Session 2
    • Morning Not Available
    • Afternoon Not Available
    Course Instructor

    Mr. Scott Sullivan

    Scott  Sullivan View Full Bio
    • Teacher
      1. Stadley Rough Elementary
      2. Danbury, Ct
    • Education
      1. CommunicationsEmerson College
      2. EducationUniversity of Bridgeport