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    • I have never had my child come home and tell me step-by-step of his exciting day! I want to
      thank this program for not only doing that, but for giving him such a great beginning background to Science. Fun and Learning!!! Who can
      beat that? Thank you!”
      Mrs. Billings03/05/17
    • Jon is very professional; quick resopnse to all questions and emails, very clear communication, and excellent work with very quick turnaround. I plan to refer others to him. Thanks Jon.
    • "Wow! Small classes! A strong enriching curriculum! Excited kids! What more could a parent ask for? We will be back in 2015!"
      Mr. Gallagher01/28/15
    • "Every day Alex practiced at home what he learned that day to the point that I wished I could participate in the class."
      Mrs. Rogg01/28/15
    • My children look forward to Super Science every summer!!! They have learned so much, made new friends, and have had so many fun experiences. Their love for science continues to grow each and every day! Everything about Super Science is outstanding. What a great opportunity for a child to have fun while learning!
      Holly Carrizzo04/26/13
    • Absolutely incredible! The hands-on nature of the program, the atmosphere, and small class size made it a terrific success & real treat for our daughter. We were so impressed and excited with the Super Science Program. Our child has a natural love of science and your program was the ideal outlet for her to cultivate this passion at a young age.
      Mrs. Green02/28/13
    • My son was ecstatic to come home the first day with his very own cricket! He was hooked from that point on. Normally the conversation is about video games and T.V. but not these past two weeks. He hasn't mentioned them all week. Instead, all he talks about is animals, critters, and experiments! WOW! He even stated that he is going to own a zoo when he grows up and then asked me if I could sign him up for 100 more weeks.
      Mrs. Padros02/28/13
    • Just wanted to rave about the fabulous job you all do with Super Science. My husband (who teaches middle school) and I could not be happier with the content, structure, and fun, yet professional manner in which the program is run. Our daughter LOVED it. It further ignited her natural passion for science.
      Mrs. Kelly02/28/13
    • This is the best website ever!!!
      John Saumell02/18/13
    • We loved having a daily account of what was done (experiments, projects) so we could stimulate discussion. The program was a very wonderful and organized experience, which was definitely reflected in my child's descriptions of what he learned each day. Thank you for providing us with such a great summer enrichment program.
      Mrs. Fuhr06/22/12
    • My son had a great time this year! He said that he learned so much! He was very excited to go each day to a place where the instructors made the class a fun and exciting learning experience for children. Thanks so much!
      Mrs. Sullivan
    • Our daughter was so verbal about her experiences and eager to share her drawings and lab results for Microscopic Biology with us each day. We are so impressed with the scope of the Microscopic Biology program and with how much she learned. Her descriptions of the day's events really revealed the teacher's enthusiasm and great knowledge of the course material. Great job with the Super Science program! I will recommend it highly!
      Mr. Spall
    • My son enjoyed his class so much he didn't want to go home. He asked about what he could take the following year, even though it was the first day.
      Ms. Adams
    • Absolutely incredible! The hands-on nature of the program, fun atmosphere, and small class size made it a terrific success & real treat for our daughter!
      Mrs. Kelly
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